Grubs Work & Farming Boots

Grubs offer one of the widest range of Work & Farming boots on the market. These are aimed at Construction, Farmers, Vets and food processing.

Along with traditional Steel Toe boots, we have The Ceramic Safety Boots with no steel that comply with BS EN ISO 203450 S5

Next, come the Field Boots  -  There are Vibram soled field boots along with studded and oil resistant soles.

The various styles offer different levels of insulation, resulting in boots that can be used in temperatures down to -40ºC and up to +30ºC. 

On our main site InternetGardener, We also offer insulated boots under the Nora brand. Many of the Nora boots are designed specifically for the food and dairy market, and comply with UNI EN ISO 20345:2007, ISO 6110: 1992, ISO 6112:1992.

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